Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poop and parenthood

One of my 2009 New Year resolution is to write one hour a day. It is midnight right now and I am going to write my first blog entry.

I was an active member of an online forum, famous for my writing on food, travel, philosophy and some off mainstream thoughts and comments. Also I was well known for my outspoken opinions on parenting even though I didn't have and didn't plan to have kids.

And things happen. I got pregnant by accident. While I was expecting, I was still active posting philosophical comments. One respondent wrote, "Soon you will talk about the color of your child's poop". I thought he was kidding or at least didn't mean it literally. Gee, how wrong was I! Soon after my son was born, I pounded the forum with tons of questions about my son's poop!

That was not the end of it. At that time, my mother was there to help me through the first month. The only thing I did was to recover and breastfeed the baby. Until one day, my son had a blow up with poop all over his clothes AND my mother was not around. I had to do it. When I stuck my hands into his...poop....it was revolutionary moment. From that moment, I became a real parent.

Tonight, my three-year-old son had another poop accident. It was all over him, his clothes and the floor. It was no big deal for me to clean up. My husband came to help and later on he hand washed the poop stained clothes and baby carrier. At that moment, I fell in love with him again for what he was doing: a real dad cleaning up his child's poop.

He is smarter than me. He wore gloves.

Oh my, parenthood.

P.S. Thank you, my love. I was greatly touched when you washed the poop clothes at midnight after we went to bed, so I don't have to do it and I can get some sleep.