Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drawing and stars

December 29, 2011

Had a 1.5 hours of fun studying stars through iPad star walk, watched the moon, Venus and Jupiter from our telescope, did a puzzle of the solar system and watched YouTube about space storm.

The whole family participated and learned.

In the last two days, DS6 has been drawing
This is a cool coloring book Daddy bought
DS6 went nuts with this Ipad star walk app. He was excited to learn the stars, galaxies and satellites
With the excitement in the air, I got the puzzle out and learned some cool facts of the solar system

Lava field and stars

Dec 28, 2011

We took the kids to Makena Lava field. DS6 brought his pickaxe. We found "crystal" like shinning pieces on the lava rock. We were so excited and ready to study a little bit more. Then we met this wonderful park ranger. He answered our questions. It is not really crystal per se but crystallized iron in the Lava rock. Also he showed us the Hawaiian settlement which was right there 500 years ago. It was so cool. Park rangers are the few people I really like and respect in the government.

We planned to check out the lava field for 15 minutes and ended up staying there for over one hour. Kids enjoyed the hermit crabs, sea cucumber, and other things in the tidal pool. I found a rock-like stuff with tube in it. Later the park ranger confirmed it was a tube worm. Came home and found some amazing pictures of tube worms.

Ds6 asked us, "daddy, when lava flow touches water, do you think it will turn into obsidian?" we didn't know and thought that was just one of the millions of questions he asked. Now I am reading and found out, "Because lava cools and crystallizes rapidly, it is fine grained. If the cooling has been so rapid as to prevent the formation of even small crystals after extrusion, the resulting rock may be mostly glass (such as the rock obsidian). If the cooling of the lava happened slowly, the rocks would be coarse-grained." (Later, I asked him where he learned that. He said from minecraft)

Maui is great for star gazing. On our walks, ds6 and I talked about Venus. I was 99% sure the one I pointed out was Venus. But the 1% uncertainty bothers me. Finally I used my iPhone app pUniverse. It is a really cool app! And we came home and found a present of telescope sent by a friend! We watched the craters on the moon. What coincidences!
Little miner at work. We forgot his goggles, so we supervised extra closely
See the shinning crystal like pieces on the lava rock
Mama, see what I have found!
Daddy, look at all the hermit crabs!
Mama, I see the craters on the moon!
Moon and Venus
Live tube worms from other website

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Epic Lego building

The Super Star Destroyer Executor has arrived! This jaw-dropping vessel is the personal flagship of Darth Vader, and serves as command ship at both the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. With its classic dagger-shaped design, the Executor is among the largest and most powerful vessels in the Star Wars galaxy. With over 3,000 pieces, measuring nearly 50 inches (124.5 cm) long and weighing nearly 8 pounds (3.5 kg), every aspect of this fantastic LEGO® Star Wars model impresses. Includes 5 minifigures: Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk and IG-88.
The only present he wanted for Christmas

Finished after four-day's work!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hot wax painting

It is a modified version of an art project.

I used aluminum foil but it was thin. The wells were not deep enough.

I don't have tooling foil but found baking sheets.

wax and crayon
on a hot surface
Final result

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beach and shopping

Dec 17, 2011

Dd3 really wanted to nurse but I have sore nipples. I told her to wait a little bit to give them a break. She waited and asked, mama, Can I just give zhazha (breasts) a big kiss

This morning in bed talking with dd3. Dd3: mama, there are babies in my tummy.

Me: oh, how many?

Dd3: 3

Me: oh, let me listen to your tummy. Oh, no! Babies crying

Dd3: they must be hungry. Let me feed them some leaves.

Me: green leaf or red leaf

Dd3: pink leaf

Me: what do you want to be when you grow up? A dentist?

Dd3: no

Me: a doctor?

Dd3: no

Me: a dancer?

Dd3: no

Me: tell me

Dd3: I want to be a baby just like now

Went to town with ds6 in my favorite car while listening to the music we both liked: jack johnson My heart was filled with joy, pride and gratitude. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful soul in my life.

I may need some alone time to recharge myself. But I don't think I crave for "adult time". I am totally happy with "kid time": lots of fun, learning, exploration, inspiration, laughter and amazement. I also love all the emotions: simple, expressive, direct and no hidden meanings. Not to mention all the affection, love, trust and attachment.

Had a great time at the beach today: jumping in the wave, running zigzag and playing our favorite beach game. I felt like a kid again. Play with abandon

Orion wanted to buy a blue mustang when he turns 16. At Costco we got one! (toy car)