Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Karate class evaluation

Orion and I went to our karate class evaluation. The instructor Toni was great. He kept it fun and focused.

Orion loved it and wanted to start class right away. He has great flexibility, balancing, coordination and focus.

And more gold panning today and Lego.

It was a blast for Orion

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sand art

101 creative ideas of sand art

Gold panning

Panning for gold

DS6 is into rock, minerals and mining.

I ordered this good ore and it arrived yesterday.

We started looking for gold right away. Our pan is not here yet so we just use our eyes trying to spot it.

And we found gold nuggets!

Quite exciting for the kids and me!

We did find gold nuggets...however small :)

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Contact paper and color sand

I bought two rolls of contact paper for fall leave project and I remembered I had some color sands. So we did this:

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