Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan 26

One of our favorite places to hang out

Ds6 made his own coloring pages

The other day ds6 caught four little fish and brought them home. Two died that night. It bugs the heck out of me. Finally we made back to the pond and release the two left over fish to where they belong. Hmm, big relief!

On Thursday There are luaus in the hotels. Nice

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan 9

Kids woke up and played in bed with their pets: pets kissing. Recently there have been lots of imaginary play. I just loved watching them.

Mornings are always full of energy. Kids jump into the activities of their choosing. DS6 is really into making money. Today his idea was to sell his drawings, so he started drawing right away.

I have ordered supplies for "stained glass" project. I couldn't wait, so DD3 and I jumped into it too. We didn't have all the material, so I experimented with what we had and saw what it would turn out. It looked pretty cool, fun and easy. We will do more in the next couple of days.

Today was first day to try gymnastic class. On the way we imitated animal sound and had lots of laugh.

The gymnastic class is quite Maui style. It was held in front of a garage. This was class for homeschoolers. Quite nice crowd. DD3 surprised me by following instructions, participating and enjoying herself.

After we came back, DS6 set up a shop in front of our garage and got antsy since no one walked by. We decided to take the drawings to our neighbor's house. He was thrilled to have sold one for $2.

In the afternoon, Daddy took both kids to the shops and DS6 to try his Taekwondo class. It was a disappointment.

After dinner, we took a walk down to the shops. And we lost DS6! Finally we found him and he was pretty scared and crying at a cafe where the staff called the security.

Stained glass project
DD3 enjoyed her first gymnastic class
Maui style gymnastic class
Music star gam
art shop waiting for customers
evening walk

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 8

DS6 wanted to work on a new 3d puzzle. Today I was really not in a good mood. Looking at my travel plan, I didn't know how to proceed with all the changes, resistance and variables.

While I needed some alone time, kids went to bumper boat ride and mini golfing with daddy. And shopping spree and ice cream after that. They had a blast. I was really happy for them.

A long nap rested my body but didn't rest my mind. I was pretty blue, trying to work through issues in my mind.

I am working on working with constrains. But first of all, I have to see if they are real constrains or they are just the constrains of my own mind. Sounds like quantum mechanics.

I love watching DS6 and DD3's imaginary play: they are caring for their "pet" a purple dolphin and a pink turtle. They fed them, massaged them and told bedtime stories to them. DS6 drew whole five-page picture book for his dolphin's bedtime story. :)

patting his pet to sleep. His gentleness touched my heart
The picture story DS6 made for his pet. I don't know how to rotate the picture yet
The new swan castle we visited when DS6 was three
New clothes and new pets
Jan 7

Daddy needed to work on one of his projects, so we all went to town with him. Since it was close to Iao Valley, we went for a hike.

Iao Valley is my favorite place on Maui. It has very special energy and spiritual.

We had a nice hike up and down. DS6 was super sweet to his little sister and took really good care of her.

We had picnic after one hour hike...happy kids and happy mommy

We saw many rosters and chickens and they were flying high! Can chicken/roaster fly?! I remember they could fly from high to low place but not the other way around at least not for a long distance. I saw them fly from low to high for quite distance! They are chickens that have gone wild some 100 years ago in Hawaiian islands due to hurricane. They have evolved since then??

We went to the big mall and kids spent time playing at the playground. Both kids took the train ride without mommy, which was new development.

On the way back, DS6 and DD3 were joking and talking in the back seats. That was something new! They were eating popcorn and talking about what animal shapes the popcorn looked like. I really enjoyed their conversation and imaginary play!

While I put DD3 to nap, DS6 was setting up his first lemonade stand with signs and products at our lani. He was waiting for his customers. I bought four cups and my tummy got full. But he kept pressing me to buy more. :)

train ride without mommy
taking care of his little sister
The best brother and sister
His first lemonade stand
Looking at rocks
Jan 6
Me: do you guys want to see penguins?
DS6: where?!
Me: New Zealand
DS6: so how cold is it?
Me: not too cold. It is summer there. You know, south hemisphere...blah blah
DS6: do penguins need to be in cold climate?
Me: oh...I forgot about that. :)

DS6 wants to take apart his 3152 pieces star war destroyer lego set and redo it. We spent 4 days building it the first time. I am not ready for the second round yet. :((

I love our unrushed life: when we do something, we do it as if we had our whole life doing it. We took our time walking through the golf course to the shop. We took our time to browse through all the isles and we took our time savoring our ice Cream

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” Stacia Tauscher
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Mama, I found a dead fish!
the coloring book I love
finished colosseum
She liked to invent her own game
His favorite activity for a while
cool coloring book
Worked on reading...but didn't want to be pushed
dancing on our way to the ice cream shop
New outfit she bought and loved
Jan 5
I was researching a post on the top 5 favorite places for kids on Maui. So I decided to ask ds6.
Me: what are your favorite places on Maui?
DS6: Home!
Me (not giving up):
And? DS6: Ice cream store!
Me: And?
DS6: Beach (yes, finally :))
Me: And? DS6: Toy store
I gave up. :))

In a way, I am glad home is his most favorite place.

Reading my favorite book: basher science, biology. there are 100 trillion cells in human body. DS6 asked me how long it took to count to 100 trillion. I calculated. It will take more than 31000 years to count to 100 trillion

Doing 3d puzzle and watching frances bedtime. It has been our favorite show, funny story and good music.

The perfect moment: after dinner, mommy is with ds6 on his another 3d puzzle while daddy is playing keyboard for dd3 to dance

We were wondering if gecko could swim or not. We did google but didn't really get the answer. Today we saw a baby gecko fall in the pool. And it was a good swimmer!

Had a good time taking a walk with dd3. We brought our flashlight. Everything we shined our light on became highlights! We found volcanic rocks, twigs, poops and we danced by chasing the light. We watched our shadows. We hopped back home like a frog.

We had reverse roles in our family tonight. I was assisting ds6 to build while dh was playing dress up sticker game with dd3

Ds6 Said before sleep. Mama, tomorrow I want to learn reading

Thursday, January 5, 2012

3d puzzle: Hungarian parliament building

Jan 4, 2012

Today ds6 took on a big project: making the Hungarian parliament building. This is one of the hard ones to make. It took us on and off the whole day and we haven't finished yet.

Went out to watch the Taekwondo class. He wanted to do it and we are going back on Monday.

And we listened to music at shops.

Making 3d puzzle: Hungarian Parliament Building
Ice cream and music time
DD3 went shopping and bought a pink hat!
Great Hawaiian music
Watching Taekwondo class
Jan 2, 2012

A friend asked dh what he thought about homeschooling. Dh half joked, well, I guess kids got A+ on happiness. I took it as compliment :)

Looking back, 2011 has been a happy and fruitful year! Thousands of pictures have preserved many happy moments but the bliss and contentment have made much deeper imprint in my brain. I am hoping the kids feel the same way. The main components of our happiness are
1. Just being together
2. Living an active life
3. Learning and exploring together has brought huge satisfaction and tremendous joy.
What can make 2012 even better? Well, if mommy can be more in the present (less preoccupied), stick to schedule better (mainly mommy's bedtime issue) so I can have more energy, and have more empathy. That is all :)

What I love about Unschooling is that there is no zero sum game in this choice: mommy just learns and enjoys as much as the kids. We live real life together instead of preparation for the future. There is no self–sacrifice and martyrdom. Only prioritizing.

In an era of information overload, the goal shouldn't be acquiring more info. Instead, proper mental indexing and knowing where to look are more important. The key words are "relevance" and "just in time". I love geography and I am obsessed with maps and travel. But memorizing all 50 states and their capitals as mandate requirement doesn't make sense to me. We need to leave mental space for independent thinking, first hand exploration, trials and errors, making "mistakes", reflections and just stillness.

Daddy and da6 are racing through the puzzle game bloxorz. There is no telling who will win. So far ds6 is ahead. I heard dh commenting: wow, this is not easy. Wow, this is cool. Funny it is from dh who doesn't play computer games. Online game: bloxorz. It is free. Try it. :)

My kids are 6 and 3 now. They have been traveling since 3 and 4 months old. They travel very well. Changing scenery or perception of reality to them differs from my experience. To them it has become part of their reality. It is amazing to see them move effortlessly and seamlessly between different geographic locations, climate, languages, cultures, food and more.

On our Unschooling journey, I found my vocabulary has evolved as well. Some words have gained more favor and some have faded more in the background. Educational is one of those that are fading away...what is educational amid what is not, the definition of educational, all have changed

Ds6 is making his own $ drawing one :)

DS6 stubbed his toe and cried for quite a while. Now he is OK and wants to go swimming. Is it a good idea?

Had a nice dinner with friends. But gee, how I missed my kids during those two hours, which surprised me. I guess I would entertain at home or bring the kids along in the future.

Kids missed me. I missed them too during dining out. Ds6 drew to express his feeling.

DD3 found a floating bathing suite and we couldn't take it off her the whole day!
She was talking to her doggie. She has lots of imaginary play
DS6 was drawing his $1000 based on the $1 bill. It is surely an easy way to "make" money!
Stubbed toe, hurting so much!
his new money
Playing a defense game
We called this turtle outfit
sleeping with her doggie