Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 1: arriving in Puerto Rico

Day 1: arriving in Puerto Rico

Kids were doing well on the flight. Ds7 occupied himself with iPad games (stacking states, music notes reading, letters and words and other games). Dd4 played with her little rabbit toy and entered her own imaginative world.
I fed them and reminded them to be mindful with other passengers. 4 hour flight was a piece of cake for my road warrior kids.

1. PR is bigger than I expected
2. At SJU airport, Ds7 said, mama, the toilet is really cool. You flush with a foot pedal like gas pedal in a car
3. when coming out of the airport, kids discovered "it looks like Maui. Lots of Maui trees (palm trees) followed by why the similarity. Then a brief explanation from me about tropical area, latitude, equator...
4. Is this a state? Why do they speak Spanish? No, it is US territory. Later I googled more about territories.
5. When got to the hotel, they found they were in a blue and white space. Everything is either blue or white. The room? Blue room with all back lit lighting and sheer drapes. Definitely not the typical hotel. They found it interesting.
6. World of tanks, ninja turtle, shower and talks with daddy before sleep.

Here is the blue room
— at Isla Verde.

blue hotel room

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