Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 5: We had a super busy and productive day

Day 5: We had a super busy and productive day
1. Today we drove west. Beautiful scenery along the way with lush landscape and ocean in the background

2. The rio camuy cave was absolutely amazing. The trolley ride down through the towering trees to the cave put us in a beautiful and surreal world. The formations were absolutely amazing. Also The cave has a big opening that can hold a 17-story high building in it. (这个岩洞非常棒!)

3. Getting lost brought us deep into PR. Saw all the black and white cattle. We even saw a just birthed calf on the field. The mama cow was still licking the baby cow.

4. The arecibo observatory was amazing. It has the biggest radio reflector in the world. Seeing this in person just wowed us. Also it has other interactive exhibitions that people can explore. The best part was that the personnel would come to explain each one. Ds7 didn't want to leave. Unfortunately we were in a hurry to get back to town. We need to visit again. My heart was leaping. It would have been my field of work since this was the field of my study. So exciting for me to be there and see it in person. (007在这里拍的)

5. Kids were super excited to board the ship. The ship is beautiful with lots of glass windows to look out. Kids also loved the bunk bed in our room. We haven't seen the whole ship yet. Just had a dinner and food was delicious! I can tell we would have a wonderful time here.

Pictures don't do justice to those two amazing places.

Sign off now. No Internet or very limited Internet after tonight for 10 nights.

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